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Put your driving skills to the test.

How's your knowledge of traffic rules and regulations? Are you a responsible driver? You might think so, but is it really true? Now you can put it to the test!

  • Provide a virtual environment where 16-20 year old drivers are
    being taught traffic rules in a fun and engaging way.
  • Show the direct impact of irresponsible driving behaviour.
  • Track user behaviour in detail.
Our solution

We choose to design an entire virtual city named "Westerdam", where drivers are presented with several missions in different conditions, for example being drunk or dealing with extreme fog. We implemented over 10 traffic rules and vehicles driving, obeying real-world traffic rules.

By rewarding users to drive to a specific location and pick someone up as quickly as possible, they are confronted with the effects of irresponsible driving behaviour. Score is based on time but is deducted when the user is e.g speeding, ignoring red lights or not using blinkers correctly. At the end players receive a virtual fine, outlining every violated traffic rule.


We provided the outline for a campaign which the Dutch Ministry of Traffic executed on national television and traffic-related websites. With additional 'guerrilla marketing style' events, we managed to get covered on major Dutch news sites which lead to great user acquisition numbers.

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    Average game-play time: 30 minutes, topping at 2 hours!

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    Even after 24 months of up-time the game has over 2000 daily gameplay sessions