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An epic battle awaits you

Battle against Kronos and his monstrous minions to see if you can make it to the top of the leader-board!

The brief

Engage existing fans of Clash Of The Titans with an immersive gaming experience that transforms players into the world of the feature film. Tap into existing fan base as well as create new communities of gamers to create buzz around the theatrical release and sell more tickets.

Our solution

We decided to create an epic battle game where the player can either control Perseus or Andromeda in their quest to defend their camp. For this game our goal was to appeal to experienced gamers who seek high end 3D visuals and challenging gameplay.


By placing the player in an epic, grand scale battle we were able to maintain an intensity throughout the experience that left fans wanting more. We designed a entirely new flocking and AI engine which supports an extremely high amount of AI activity. In this game you will face countless enemies who are fighting against you, with you or against eachother. In some instances we were able to achieve over 50 characters making strategic decisions in realtime.