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The fire rises

The Fire Rises casts players as henchmen, out to get their own piece of Gotham’s pie. With lackeys of their own, players secure territory, spawn various crew members to take out a relentless stream of deadly security officers, and loot valuable gear from nearby buildings, all before Gotham PD shows up in full force and puts an end to your crime spree.

The Brief

Excite fans of the film by creating anticipation nearing the feature film release, turning the audience from observers into participants. Gradually release content to reveal film facts without giving away the plot.


We decided to appeal to mid-core gamers and hard core Nolan fans with a real time strategy game, stimulating long game sessions and 'collecting' as an on-going instrument. In order to create buzz around the premiere, we released new content in 5 phases using "mystery" as a ingredient to make people wonder about the film plot.


We created an HTML5 based Gotham City map, showing real-time activity of friends and active locations. Each player has the opportunity to create their own "sewer system" adding to a gigantic maze of sewers.

By clicking locations on the Gotham City map, players were able to loot and stash the materials in their sewer, not knowing they were creating a mighty weapon of destruction.

We were able to focus on replayability by levelling up slowly, releasing new characters as you progressed through the game. Sharing and competition incentives are scatterred throughout the experience, increasing the virality of the game.