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Top-down puzzle goodness

Captain LeFop got lost in the jungle in his search for booty. A Mind-Boggling adventure through an undiscovered temple complex is his only way out. Can you solve all the secrets the temples hold? Temple Trouble is best described as a "topdown adventure puzzler" and combines puzzle and action elements.

  • More than 50 levels split up in 5 temples.
  • Free life-time updates with new temples and features!
  • More than 20 hours of fun guaranteed!
  • Find all hidden treasure, then reach for the exit.
  • Easy keyboard and mouse controls.
  • Several dangerous, ancient monsters.
  • Manipulate the level with pressure, time and switch triggers.
  • Push rocks onto gaps, avoid breakable floors and slide over icey floors.
  • Direct light beams with mirrors.
  • Use explosives to blow up walls.

... And much more!