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‚ÄčAchmea is an integrated financial services group whose core business is insurance (life, non-life and health) and services relating to pensions and health.‚Äč


Achmea asked Sticky to develop a highly viral social game to align with a TV commercial game produced by Tribal DDB based around a Queens day theme. Besides affiliate marketing (being one of the traffic generators) the game needed to take care of the majority of traffic on its own.


Sticky chose to create a game where the player has to jump out of an airplane, pick up orange balloons, dodge birds and land safely while keeping ahead of the opponent. The social engineering was designed around challenging your friends, with an application that could be installed as gadget on player's wall.


By focusing on getting the gameplay mechanics ''exactly right'' and adding risk and reward elements near the end of a game session, people are triggered to keep improving their score. By placing the game on your private wall as 'interactive gadget' (a unique feature of the social media platform Hyves), your friends visit your wall and try to beat your score.

Skydiver became a perfect example of addictive, social game-play. By focusing on game-play and designing an "easy to learn and hard to master" game, the average amount of game-plays per user was 6,1.

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    25 million gadget views in one month.

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    1.2 million parachute landings in one month.

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    23 million parachute landings in total, replay-ability factor of 6.1

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    Best adver-game (Dutch Game Awards).