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Rev your engines ...

...for this rip-roarin' 3D SpongeBob racer!

The brief

Nick approached Sticky and asked us to create high quality content for their games portal. The creative concept was ours to determine, but it was critical that we hit their target demographic and create a game that looks and feels like premium content.


We decided to create a classic 3D kart racer featuring Nickelodeon IP, which was the first Unity3D powered game on Our strategy was to create a game that was easily refreshed with new content to retain players and extend the life of the game. By perfecting the core mechanics of the game we were able to easily add new characters and tracks.


We were responsible for the entire design and development of the game. Nick Racers was the first 3D game on that was built using the Unity engine.

By tapping into existing IP like SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick, iCarly, Spencer and The Penguins Of Madagascar we were able to rapidly acquire new players. Taking a lesson from MarioKart we incorporated the use rockets, speed boosts and oil spills to outsmart your opponents. We released new content every month to boost community activity. The latest update features Aang/Airbender from the Avatar series.

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    300.000 game sessions in just 2 days

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    70 million+ game-play sessions since release.

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    Nominated ' Game Of The Year'