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Take Flight with the Man Of Steel

Take control of Superman and fly as fast as possible through 3 levels, avoiding obstacles and enemy fire. Collect boosts to reach supersonic speeds and use the Man of Steel's super powers to blast obstructions and discover special hidden power-ups.

  • Use Superman's X-Ray Vision to see through objects
    and find hidden power-ups.
  • Destroy obstables in your way and discover hidden
    objects by using Superman's Heat Vision.
The Brief

Engage Superman fans with an immersive gaming experience that transforms players into the world of the feature film. Focus on visualising the super powers and create an experience with an immersive social feature. Create new communities of gamers to create buzz around the theatrical release.


We decided to create two games, both focusing on Superman's supernatural abilities:

  • a 3D game for a breathtaking visual experience and social component;
  • a Flash game with addicting casual game mechanics and the ability to easily syndicate on game portals.

By developing two games that appeal to two different types of gamers would allow for a broader reach and higher user acquisition.


We built Metropolis Mayhem in Flash making it accessible to low-end devices and third party game portals. Using parallax scrolling and shifting camera angles we were able to create a 2D experience that almost looks 3D. Hero's Flight was built using Unity providing a high end visual experience which focused on social interaction and competition through direct challenges.