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Design your Jaeger in 3D

Have you ever wanted to design your own giant robot that would join in the fight against enormous kaiju monsters from another dimension? You can do it so in the Jaeger Designer app!

The brief

Create a web-app stimulating creativity and sharing. The application should run on the web and stream assets quickly, to allow the application to boot fast while keeping visual quality very high. Drive visitors to the game experience, and vice versa.


Sticky choose to focus on usability and freedom of creativity, to lower the barrier of entry while still allowing for high-end customization. To stimulate sharing, we embraced the top-3 social media outlets Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook for poster uploads. We developed a 100% compatible file format for loading and storing custom designed Jaegers.


Sticky decided to develop technology allowing to embed real-time 3D models into 2D backgrounds - in this case beautiful Pacific Rim poster artwork - using advanced shading techniques. We created a modular storage file-format allowing import/export custom designed models into the designer app and promotional game, with the complexity involved of supporting different character rigs.

Both the Designer and game, also developed by Sticky, are compatible and share the same Facebook app settings.

Lastly, the user is able to customize both the Jaeger itself and the visual style of the poster (from artistic realism to vector-style artwork). As a final step the poster title and country of origin can be selected before sharing the poster to the 3 platforms.

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    Average engagement time: over 20 minutes!