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Cancel the apocalypse

Long ago, legions of monstrous creatures called Kaiju arose from the sea, bringing with them all-consuming war. To fight the Kaiju, mankind developed giant robots called Jaegers, designed to be piloted by two humans locked together in a neural bridge.

Sticky Studios designed an immersive, action-packed online action game for Guillermo del Toro's film, bringing the movie's oceanic monsters to your screen. To help you fend off the destructive fiends in Pacific Rim: Jaeger Combat Simulator, the game lets your create a Jaeger — a giant robot controlled by human duo's — and arm it with your weapons of choice. The game connects to your Facebook profile to load your robot designed.

The game loads in Jaegers from the Jaeger Designer app, an online experience where users can create their own robots and embed them in film posters to share on social media. The game was originally designed for web and has been adapted as an Oculus VR experience.