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Matching I.T-specialists through gaming

The Brief

ICT Match, an innovative online job recruiter wanted to boost user acquisition on their new online platform and attract both employees and employers with an original experience.

The Solution

Sticky decided to develop the game 'Djobber' based around some of the game mechanics present in the classic game 'Frogger'. In this game the goal is to find your match, either as employee or as employer. Along the way to your match you encounter monsters (a wink to 'Monsterboard' recruiters), slippery stones (a wink to 'Stepstones' recruiters) and other dangers. By completing a level, users were eligible for free registrations on the ICT Match platform.


By choosing a retro game mechanic from the 1980s we were able to cater to our mid-thirties target audience. Since the game is very easy to learn but hard to master we kept a low barrier-to-entry. By prioritizing engagement over advertising, we were able to deploy the game to a multitude of recruitment website as part of the website's entertainment section, instead of being interpreted as an advertisement.

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    deployed to over 12 platforms

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    generated a 450% registration spike in the 4 weeks.