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Find Conan in New York City!

The greatest city in the world is also home to the greatest sandwiches in the world, and Conan O'Brien is going to eat each and every one of them. Catch Conan as he snacks on sandwiches from Harlem to the Financial District. Unlock exclusive sandwich content along the way! For example: Did you know the egg salad sandwich was invented by the Aztecs in 1200 AD? That’s not true. That's just something Conan made up.

The Augmented Reality app was developed for their November 2016 New York shows at the historic Apollo Theater. The app would allow fans to catch fifteen different sandwich-eating Conans across New York City.

The app, Catch Coco, uses GPS to spawn the Conans and a custom AR system to allow the Conans to stand on surfaces. The app was built with the help of our friends at 30Ninjas.